Hello Friends, Brothers, Sisters, and Fellow Citizens of the Great State of Indiana.

It is my distinct privilege to announce that I am running for Indiana State Representative, District 73. 

After much prayer and consideration, given the state of our government and our culture, I have decided that I want to represent our district, and more importantly our King Jesus.

While others are fighting for new ways to extract more revenue from tax payers, I want to fight to put an end to the frivolous spending.

While more and more legislators are propping up poorly thought out ideas on how to regulate abortion, I want to abolish it.

For years our liberty has been in slow decline by tyrannical legislators like those in Virginia who think that our due process and 2nd amendment freedom are nothing more than words on a paper.

Join with me as we send a message to our legislators that our guns nor our freedom is for sale.


Pro Life 

I am committed to protecting every life from the moment of conception by passing legislation that bans all abortion in the state of Indiana without exception.


As a Marine I am not afraid to stand for what is right and I will not back down when it comes to protecting your right to keep and bear arms.

Cut Taxes

As a former trucking business owner and operator, I know what it's like to be burdened under the weight of over regulations and taxation.  I am committed to opposing both tax increases and needless regulations so you can keep your money where it belongs.

Drain the Swamp

The stagnated statehouse pond has been simmering too long.  It's time we sent a mechanic who knows the difference between drain and retain.