Meet Mark

I grew up in Charlestown, Indiana. Went away to serve my country in the United States Marine Corps as a military policeman and upon my honorable discharge, sought to raise my family in my home state.  I have lived in Southern Indiana now for 50 years.

I am currently a member and serve at our local church in Sellersburg where we are actively involved in sharing the Good News of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with our neighbors and our magistrates.
I work as a project and facility manager in a local warehouse.

I am an NRA member and a member of the Southern Indiana Rifle and Pistol Club. 
I served honorably in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years including deployment in Somalia, Africa during Operation Restore Hope. I provided security and provisions for civilian and military personnel.

My wife, Melissa and I have homeschooled our 4 children, as well as provided a loving home to over 20 foster children.  Our two eldest have graduated and are now furthering their love for our "neighbors" through education and training via missions work and in active employment in our community.  

It is my sincere desire to see our liberty restored and protected from politicians who are plundering taxpayers under the guise of progressivism. 

I am running as a conservative republican who values life and liberty. 

I am  pro 2nd amendment and Pro-life. I affirm what God teaches us in His word; Life begins at conception and all life is sacred, valuable, and should be protected by the Family, the Civil Government, and by the Church.